My summer job didn't call back and I was itching for something to do.
That's how #kaydeedaily came about June 2015 as a mini project born of coincidence and creativity. I put down my felt-tipped markers and pinned the last drawing to my bedroom wall long ago for a reason I still can't explain and felt like there was something missing ever since.

 I realized I had a lot more time back then, or at least that's what I told myself, but it was harder to make excuses when it had been three weeks after job training and nothing but radio silence. June was the next day and I felt like a regular old useless member of society with nothing but days ahead spent curled in bed watching Inuyasha re-runs and a faithful bag of cheetos by my side. 

Feeling pretty crappy, I took an Instagram picture of my red velvet Doc Martens, wishing somehow my summer would magically turn  itself around.

 And for some really weird reason that motivated me to make my own summer, proclaiming proudly to all that would hear (to Facebook)  that I would post one outfit a day for the month, figuring that if I wasn't going to leave the house all summer, I was at least going to look good doing it.

That post got a lot more recognition and encouragement than I thought, and I never post on Facebook okay so 60+ likes shocked the heck out of me so I decided to stick with it. Lo and behold my second post got me mentioned in an Instagram makeup account with 2.4 million followers so I guess you could say that was a pretty good sign to keep with it. Not that I became an Insta-celeb overnight it was still pretty rad.

 And a year later, on my birthday to be exact, the #kaydeedaily blog was officially a thing, I hope you like it as much as I do and that this story was somewhat entertaining. I think we can do some good things here, so let's see where it goes shall we?

- Kaydee

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