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First, let me give a HUGE shout out to my girl Aalia for asking me to be her model for her photography portfolio. This shoot only happened because of her and I was so honored and super stoked when she asked me because her work is absolutely STUNNING.

I highly recommend you follow her instagram and facebook page if you really enjoyed this post because she has a lot more and we're planning on working together a lot in the future!!!
Red Zip-Up Dress - Forever 21

 I, of course, got to style both of my looks from this shoot and got a lot more heavy-handed with the accessories and makeup because I wanted to impress Aalia with super nice, non-crusty photos to walk away with. 

 It looks like I have actual curves in this dress guys I HAD to get it, the metal circle zipper was very "modern choker" to me while the shoulder straps and rough jean-like material reminded me of this crazy popular overalls trend. 

It's super unique as it is but I think the white stitching is what caught my eye the most, I feel like fast fashion couldn't care less about color-coordinated stitching so you can imagine my face when I looked over to see forever 21's basic asses carrying this piece if I'm honest.

Faux Fur Coat - Value Village (Thrifted)

Thigh-high Boots - Browns

Off Shoulder Croptop - Stradivarius (UK, London)

Red Fishnet Stockings - La Senza

Flowercrown - Forever21

Lipstick - (Poisonberry)

See-through choker - Forever21

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'Bad Times' Tee - (use my code 'kaydee' for a discount!)

Zip-Up Black Pencil Dress - H&M (UK, London)

Practising for when I finally snatch them 7 balls from my boy Piccolo

Finally out here getting my promo's in, my second outfit separates itself very well form the first and those kudos go out to me!

The team at Teen Hearts sent me a couple of very cool tees all of which I purchased myself. I really love bright, cheeky, loud graphic tees and oversized t-shirts and alla dat so I'm glad they had ones like these on their site for around $20 to $25 each I believe (and costs even less if you use my discount code "kaydee" at checkout *wink wink*).

This was the first shirt that caught my eye on their site actually, I love trippy photoshop graphics of real-life stills and I knew this kind of burnt orange would go great with my skin tone and was not wrong. What do you guys think of this rebel posh look I was going for? And if you're loving teen hearts as much as I am let me know and I'll do more for ya ;) Till next time!

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  1. These looks are EVERYTHING--esp the corset-inspired choker! Girl you look amazing i'm sHOoK


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