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Summer supposedly ended only a short while ago but the hot weathers been going strong giving me a few extra days to soak up the sun while it can still reach me here in Toronto. I've been feeling really nostalgic lately, watching Buffy re-runs and obsessing over Clueless, the outfits in both inspired this look with the tied shirt and high-waisted pant look. In this current 90's nostalgia craze I guess it's been done over a billion times but it was my first time giving it a try and using mostly thrifted pieces to put this together has made me quite proud so ya gonna have to see it again alright?

Sunglasses - Primark (3 pounds)

I thrifted this black see-through piece with this being my first time actually wearing it out since I was having trouble styling it for some reason? This is one of the easiest pieces to layer, I know, but I didn't have the right piece at the time, which is where the baby blue bralette comes in. I bought this piece while I was on vacation in London a few months ago and as I thought, it fits perfectly with this look and layers without getting lost in the dark color of the top.

See-Through top - Thrifted ($8)

The choker I wore mostly because it matches my pants (shocker) but it was cute as well and matches the yellow and green hues my reflective shades give off. I wanted the shades to be the focal accessory for this look as it just makes everything look 10 times more badass, I also bought them from London where I made my first ever trip to Primark. I haven't heard great things about the stores quality but these bad boys have been going strong for a few months without a scratch so I guess I got lucky.

Bralette - Stradivarius (20 pounds)

High-Waisted Pants - Thrifted ($10)

Platforms/Creepers - Doc Martens ($159)

Lace-up choker - New Look ($10) 

I'm hoping (as always) for bomb as heck weather going into the future, I know I've been slacking a bit on this blog front but I'm determined to continue to have at least two posts up a month. I've kind of being following that routine...kind of, with at least one post a month but it's time to bump it up. I've started a new job recently that's been taking a lot out of me and leaving my creativity at an all-time low and making me quite frustrated with myself. It's been getting more difficult to start on these projects that I love but easy to roll into them once I start so all is not yet lost. I've been dragging my feet a lot since the end of August but I'm gonna try to make this month count and get my shit all the way together so look forward to progress! I may add more of a video element to these and link them to my YouTube channel, so let me know if that sounds cool. Till next time friends.

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  1. I like your outfit, the mesh top is really chic and sexy !

    1. thank you so much!! I'm glad you felt the vibe i was going for


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