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I hardly ever go to the gym but if I did this is what I would be wearing on the daily. I actually tried out CrossFit light earlier this week and surprise, surprise I almost passed out midway through the exercises. I also didn't look nearly as put together as in this post (it was a last minute forgotten ordeal) but that's the beauty of cropping and camera angles since there's no hiding your haggard looks at the gym. I also never wear leggings without an oversized shirt or dress because I always thought they look stupid on me, but we're here on the blog to try new styles and I'm liking this change quite a bit.

B&W Top (cropped by me) - thfkdlf.com
But on to the outfit, I decided to crop this t-shirt four years ago and only got around to it last week. It had a yellow-ish stain near the bottom hem on the white part that I guess I thought would just disappear if I kept staring at it. I really fell in love with this piece from the London-based brand thfkdlf as there aren't many hand-stitched pieces like this that don't clash horribly by adding loud graphics and bright pop colors into the mix. The t-shirt pocket was just the cherry on the cake and I'm glad I finally made this piece work for me after years of giving it the side eye.

Sneakers - Dr. Martens $120

As this is a more casual outfit to my usual flare for weird material mixes I went bare-faced with this one. As you can see I didn't feel as comfortable with that as I do in these leggings but we're taking it one step at a time boys and girls. The shoes I got from a Dr. Martens store in London on Oxford street and are also part of the reason I went for this look as this is the first pair of casual sneakers I've owned in like a decade. No surprise I found them in the most non-sneaker selling store on the planet but I think these were the only ones I would've been satisfied with since I started looking for runners at the beginning of the year.

"Fuxk Boy" Baseball Cap - Spencers $20

Leggings - Costco Probably

The main reason I don't wear leggings is that they tend to itch like hell after 30 minutes of just chilling around the house. Which also brings me to my theory that you must be active all the damn time while wearing them or else there's no point really. Even though I have a new found appreciation for leggings and how they can enhance my legs and ass to look 120 times better, I love jeans too much to make them a staple in my fashion wardrobe. Maybe this means I'll try to use them more by dragging my husk of a body back to the gym or maybe they'll be collecting more dust in my closet, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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