Flamin' Hot Knock Off


 Miss me? Yeah, I wouldn't either, but alas I have come back to you all with a newly minted emo goth look for 2017 as Gorillaz and Paramore have blessed my ears once again with new music which as brought me back to my teen years of heavy eyeliner and depressing sing-song. As you guys can see I am still obsessed with fishnets and found this Thrasher knock off waiting for me at H&M for $15 bucks so how could I resist adding dark markup and messy hair into the mix?

Also, yes I am indeed wearing undergarments so don't lose your head just yet boys and girls *wink* I'll add more photos to this post later as I'm off to party all weekend at a hip-hop festival since I have graduated this Monday from University (FINALLY WOOOOO). So this newly minted graduate is gonna take herself on a little date this weekend to relax and wind down by turning all the way up with some headbanging tunes from Sleigh Bells and Passion Pit (Tyler, The Creator could not get into Canada so unfortunately, we shall have to meet another time) but it is still going to be amazing to celebrate such a huge milestone as the first out of my siblings to do so.

Fishnets (Hot Topic)

Sneakers - Doc Martens

Sweater - H&M

Choker - Kensington Market (Toronto)

Lips - LimeCrime (Beetle)

Rings and Midi Rings - H&M

So if you have not yet listened to Humanz or After Laughter yet, let me recommend Andromeda and Rose-Colored Boy from the second. These artists make me feel super proud of little 13 year old Kaydee who picked out some super talented artists to spend the better part of her youth worshiping as their sound just keeps getting better and better. On a side note, if you guys are going to the Gorillaz or Paramore concerts in Toronto this year HMU so we can chat, chill and argue over whether the new sound is good enough or just how much the artists have sold their soul to the generic pishposh of mainstream music. Till Next Time Guys.

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