Summers finally in Toronto (whoop whoop!!) and if I have a lot of crappy mistakes its probably because I'm posting this on my phone from London, England!! It's my first time over the pond visiting extended family so that why I've been MIA, but I still wanted to squeeze a post in at the end of the month so ill have some form of consistency on this super professional, no non-sense blog.

This was one of my last outfits before hopping on the plane over and I can safely say that I have bought maybe 5 more off shoulder tops as I am obsessed. My clavicles look AMEEZING okay I have no regrets and am so ready to get a permanent shoulder tan for the summer. They have more long sleeved options over in the shopping district here Oxford Street which I was super excited about. I'll definitely be doing a haul when I get back and will try to find some vinatge shops to share on my *cough, wink* youtube channel at (shameless promo cus im trash). 

Alright guys, this posts been short and sweet as promised, though I can't say the same for June as I'm trynna take any and all the cute touristy pictures in everything I've bought so far to show you guys when I get back! So 'till next time!

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