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 IT'S HERE!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! No, not my birthday this past Tuesday are you kidding me? IT'S SPRING!!!!!!!!! Spring has arrived which means you don't have to hear me complain about winter anymore! (which I think I've done on just about every post since, like, OCTOBER) But yes, the wait is over and the long-awaited April showers have come forth to whisk me away and into my most easy, breezy and COMFORTABLE outfits.

It's finally (knock on wood) time to kick back, lay in the grass and let the sun rays soak into your skin as a caressing breeze blankets you into the most serene of naps. Yes, I am ready folks, got my prints out for those gorgeous spring flowers and I'm wearing them today to welcome this warm weather to stay forever. 

White Rose Kimono - Urban Planet - $13


This beautiful white rose kimono I bought from Urban Planet is still one of my most beautiful sheer, flowy pieces to date and one that I wore on my birthday last year so felt it was right to keep this tradition going. The awesome Aztec styled shorts are ones I found thrifting yesterday and are a high-waisted style I haven't seen with these types of shorts before so it was an amazing find. I'll be wearing these out all spring and summer long, already guessing where my suntan lines are gonna be.

Diamond Sunglasses/Gold Choker - Thrifted - $5

These glasses I also snatched from my local thrift store on my way to the checkout line! I couldn't help myself it was love at first sight, I mean, my roommate and the cashier were looking at me funny but it's never stopped me before. These babies will be trending in about a year so I'm glad to be the first to nab me a pair of these geometrical, fun and definitely original sunglasses.They work just the same as any other pair I'm glad to say and this pearl embedded choker I'm wearing was also from yesterday's finds as it seemed fitting enough with the gold-rim glasses.

Azstec Shorts - thrifted (OG H&M) - $6

Crop Top - Untitled&Co  $39.50

The crop top is from one of my newly favourite Toronto stores Untitled&Co which have some of the nicest, easy-going and streetstyle savvy employee's ever, owner Cameron Wilson is an absolute sweetheart and I recommend anyone visiting the 6ix to stop by and say hi! I actually did a multi-media feature reviewing the store's unisex apparel for one of my final classes that you can find here if you want to learn more.

This HUGE cloud took over my fun. hmph.

Even though my 22nd birthday passed this week, a new chapter has begun as this is also the one year anniversary of this blog!! I can hardly believe I made it 365 days and just as I thought when I first started, this was a great decision to make. To all of you who have followed my Passion For Fashion this far, I commend you as you probably know by now that my blog title is kind of false advertising since I don't really post daily (...for now?) Bringing me to my big announcement of changing my blog name!! Though it rhymes and sounds cool, I feel like I need a brand out there that's more realistic, maybe "KaydeeSometimes"?, but anyway, I'm not making any changes just yet. just telling you guys it's definitely gonna be something to look out for in the future. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section below, think of it as a little birthday present to lil' old me and as always I see you guys next post! *muah*
<3 again="" and="" guys="" i="" ll="" much="" next="" p="" post="" see="" so="" thank="" ya="" you="">

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