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I have been obsessed with deep pine green and smooth textures a lot lately, which has obviously inspired this months post and may take over while I ride out this new fascination for a bit. I've always been drawn to deep green eye shadow, which would consequently justify me buying 56 dollar palettes (I'm looking at you Too Face makeup brand!!) when I have no money. But other than that I love the chill and casual pine tree look I came up with and am a bit mad at myself for not seeing how well my hat and jacket matched before!

Speaking of being broke, this outfit isn't made of any thrifted pieces I'm surprised to say and I can actually help you guys find links and stores for pieces I'm wearing! I feel like although I love my thrifted pieces, I'm not helping you guys out much when I create looks with them on here. Though I usually find inspiration based on something similar I've seen someone wear, which is how I've kind of justified it in my head so sorry, not sorry guess? *hair flip*

Green Long Bomber Jacket $60 - Forever 21

Layering up ripped denim has always been a thing for me (If you're new here, I despise the cold a lil bit) and I think an outfit can be made unique depending on the pattern, style and waist length of the leggings or thin pant you decide to rock with your jeans. I tried for simple high-waisted black leggings to give the low-ridding illusion the 90s we're so adamant about and I could get behind to a point. (penguin legs ain't attractive guys and gals, let it die.) Though I wish I tied the crop top in a WEE bit more to lift it and show a sliver of skin to focus on the high rise leggings.

Heart Ring Clear Choker  $5 - Hot Topic  

Large Thin Frame (fake) Glasses $12  -

When the Crop Top decided to COOPERATE

Black leggings $20 (pk of 6) - Costco 

Ripped Dark Jeans $50 - Jean Machine

Avocado Crop Top - Store Dog Dog

Green Silk Baseball Cap $12 - H&M

One of my favorite parts about this layering trend is how I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A BELT MUAHAHAHA if you couldn't tell, these jeans (like most jeans fml) don't fit at the waist and I need a belt or I'll really be bringing back low-riding, and unless I'm wearing super cute boxers, (See: my second blog post) I don't think I'm ready for that quite yet. Which is why I'm glad this is starting to catch on because I know I'm not living alone with these world shattering pants problems. In any case, I guess I can say winter was good for something (for once) and I hope you guys can continue this trend and keep legs everywhere warm, toasty and sups stylish. 'Till next time!

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