Last Legs


It was time to test-run this fishnet trend before the last legs of winter came to plague the weather once more. I've been looking everywhere for a good set of these for a long while that would be affordable and settled on the buy 1 get 1 deal offered at Hot Topic. They are a really durable pair so far; they're super stretchy as needed since there are a lot of different things I'm gonna do with these bad boys. I'm 100% in on this 90s grunge trend (go figure) and had to pair it with my trusty oversized plaid shirt since I barely wear it. Putting my fear aside of ruining one of my only white pieces, I had to see how long my legs look with these fishnets on and well, guess you can see for yourself if they made a difference.

T-Shirt Dress - H&M 

I'm using it more as a shawl as you guys can probably tell since it's not on right in any of these pictures, but the devil-may-care attitude I was going for fits so well with the look that I couldn't help it. Layering my bralette over my white dress t-shirt was inspired by this less-than-flattering hoodie/corset look that I saw some celebs trying to make work on Instagram. I personally think layering such thick material is bulky and unflattering no matter what, and I don't think stretching out an expensive corset is worth that kind of trouble. Plus I don't want to think about how the hell you can even breathe but taking inspiration from it, I decided to create my own rendition in a more subtle and flattering way, giving the illusion of a waist I definitely still do not have.

Plaid Shirt - Thrifting ($5)

Agnys Dyne Creepers - Doc Martens ($129)

Suede Beige Hat - H&M ($12)

Black Bralette - Forever 21 ($10)

Choker - Hot Topic ($7)

oversized tee shirt - Thrifting ($5)

Fishnet Stockings - Hot Topic ($5)

Overall this look is easily affordable, unique and super freakin grungy and I think i'll be wearing this just about everywhere, especially since it seems winters on its last legs here in Toronto (YAAAY!!). I can finally dress super cute again and somehow was able to post throughout the season even though this time of year is when I really just want to curl up in bed and watch anime all day. I love this fishnet trend kick and I'll be milking it for all it's worth this year, layered over denim it can turn just about any cute, pastel or girly outfit into a rockin' badass statement. 'Till next time!

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