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Black and white contrast pieces do such a good job of bringing an outfit to life in such a subtle way, just as adding a large heavy statement coat to a minimal outfit can make it 100% unique. Wearing heavy fur coats is one style trend that I have been obsessed with since binge watching the Horror Slasher/ Comedy drama Scream Queens on Netflix. There's never an episode where the Chanel characters arn't dressed to the nines in full makeup, intricate hairstyles and brightly coloured pumps complete with textured fur or feather jackets. I'm definitely no where near the effort of getting dressed on the daily but those fur pieces evoked an appreciation for outerwear I've never had before.

Before last month I had owned only one Winter coat for like 4 years, which is weird as a Canadian but I always thought the outfit inside the coat mattered the most as that was what I appreciated the most. I was also never out in the cold long enough to justify my plain, black square quilted coat as being anything more than something to help keep me warm.

During those long, dreadfully chilling walks from my house to the car and then from the car to the mall, my trusty coat of many years was there for me until now. I can be styling and warm now with my 5 new furry friends, and old faithful will have to take the backseat until this fascination dies down.

Black Fur Coat $25 - Thrifted

I feel like I can wear anything in one of my fur's and it'll look at LEAST 12 times more amazing, the oversize tee and thigh high boots would be just another casual outfit without this amazing piece to transform it into something more. Whether I want it to be more or less dressed up depends mostly on the hairstyle; by showing a reserved half up, half down bun versus a wild and messy space bun hair-do, the outfit's impression changes dramatically.

Thigh High Boots $280 - Brown's

Oversize  Band Tee $15 - Hot Topic

Choker $5 - Thrifted

Happy New Year!!! 2017 is finally here! A lot of people would say 2016 wasn't the best but I can say it was a great year for me in learning more about myself and others. I was able to try new things and met cool people by attending events, conventions and concerts on spur of the moment decisions. Last year was one of self discovery and a whole lot of treating myself to celebrate some pretty awesome accomplishments. Specifically the ones in my academic life and also in completing personal goals I was able to fulfill, like this awesome blog, by believing in myself and most importantly, getting shit done! I have been able to plaster a big 'ol goofy smile on my face going into this new year and I hope it was the same for you guys as well!

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  1. Love the oversized furry coats on you as well! This made me want to get some <3 Denice

    1. Thanks Denice! I think everyone could benefit from owning at least one fuzzy coat or two


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