I decided to see what all this layering hubbub was about and as you can see I ended up taking waay too many photos this time around. But...I mean...I really did it with this one guys, what an actual look am I right?!?! A a cute late night house party look for chilling with the crew, eventually ending up passed out anywhere at 4am surrounded by board game pieces and feeling more than a bit tipsy off the mickey passed around at the beginning of the night.

Going for a cute and casual "going out to poetry night to read some angsty haiku's off my marble covered smartphone" vibe, I went to work and pulled out the thigh highs and grid skirt without knowing how the top part of this outfit was going to turn out.

Whether you think it's gross n' tacky or classic 90's chic, most can't deny the fact that velvet pieces are a growing trend for fashion and one that I can get behind in small increments with subtle pieces like a black skirt or dress. I love how the material catches the light when it moves and how soft it is to touch, though I do agree that some colours like blue or green, if it's not a reeally dark shade, can make it look a little cheap or clownish.

Thigh High Socks (M/L) - H&M

The red velvet top is a rich and dark shade of burgundy that's become really popular nowadays and I couldn't believe I snatched it from Old Navy. It's basically the store you think about when your mom drags you in before the first day of school to get some 'sensible' clothes, or where to get some simple basics to layer with your fun pieces. Good on Old Navy for stepping up their game!

Sakura Bomber Jacket (M) - American Eagle

Gold Round Glasses - BlackMarket (thriftstore)

I wasn't sure if I was going to add the Sakura bomber to the look because I wasn't outside so I thought it would be weird as heck. Then I sort of figured half way that I was going for a very extra, bougie, "I'm the shit" type of feel so I kept it in. I think it helps the velvet red pop without overwhelming the grid patterned skirt like I thought it might.

 Red Velvet Top (S)  - Old Navy

Reversible Grid Skirt (OS)  -  

Gold Casio Watch -

Grey Long-sleeve Crop Top (S) - Topshop

Gold Rings - Forever21/HotTopic

Cactus Necklace -

I decided to switch it up and take this shoot inside mostly because it was too damn cold out and this was the only way I was going to have a new post up. Though I could do more of a winter look my heart is too invested in thigh highs at the moment and frostbite was not an option. I hope you guys enjoyed this look anyway, I ended up really liking the lavender background (this actually used to be my old room) as it went really well with my outfit and I hope you agree! It's gotten a lot warmer in the last week so expect the next posts to definitely be outside as I think plain backgrounds can get boring quickly even though it worked this time around. Till next time guys, I'll see you when I see you.

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