White Noise


I can't tell you just how happy I am that Fall is back at it again, swiftly blocking the kind of rude and very unnecessary throat punches from Winter to give Toronto some really nice days these past few weeks. I, of course, took full advantage and wore my tennis skirts almost every chance I got to pull together some more outfits in case Winter starts up again with this snow nonsense. School's been leaving me sleep deprived, more forgetful than usual (I currently have no clue where my earbuds have fled to) and unmotivated to do more than catch a few blinks of rest here and there. I finally broke this weekend and gave myself some therapeutic time off from melting my brain with mla formatted essay citations and went a bit (a lot) nuts with Black Friday weekend shopping.

This resulted in many lace chokers, one too many round framed glasses, a ridiculously glossy white creme hooded faux fur coat and, of course, indulging in the full fan experience of waiting in line for insanely overpriced merch. Hate all you want Abel fans, but I'm gonna be real with you, the only reason I went to the Weeknd's Toronto pop-up store was because a) the graphic designs were cool b) The store was lit in neon red and red selfie lighting is ahmeezing (gotta thank my fav youtuber for that tip) and c) did I mention I was sleep deprived and slowly losing my mind?

Bomber Jacket - SheIn.com 
Graphic Tee - Starboy pop-up store

Because of that I decided to make my pictures a bit grainy and grungy to reflect the sh'mood of finals week. Though I had mastered the bare-minimum bum look long before this, which consisted of black leggings, a baseball cap and the liberating choice between my red or blue university sweaters, I had to find the will to coordinate during these last days of class. It turns out the weather was great for this, as it was overcast and a bit windy, so I was pushing it with the tennis skirt but it was the second last slay of school so I needed to run up on these fools to remind 'em who runs the game ya feel?

Thigh high socks - H&M 

This blue and black bomber is quite comfy and I love the quilted look, but its been neglected for so long (thanks Winter) that I had to dust it off before shooting. Thigh highs always look great with skirts I don't care what anyone says I look like I'm on stilts in these things, which always a good look to have when you're trynna run up on some fools. The lace choker is one I nabbed this weekend, the first of many I predict, while the round frame glasses are what inspired the identical silver pair also from this weekends adventures and the graphic tee is from the Starboy pop-up shop.

Glasses & Choker - Thrifted

Gold Casio Watch - Amazon.com /Tennis Skirt - Store Dog Dog

Shoes - 1461 Doc Martens

So listen, if you're someone whose irked that a fake fan got in on ya merch (which I am lol, im trash but oh well), just know I downloaded the Starboy album this week and it's pretty freaking dope (got Attention on repeat atm) soo honestly it all worked out for the best okay? The merch I wanted wasn't sold out, I took some very flattering red light selfies (peep the Instagram #shamelessplug) and got a little nap in after I came back so since that's a), b) and c) done I win once again. Well, I win for now anyway. I still got so many other assignments ready and willing to kick my ass, but a fortune cookie I got yesterday told me I was going to conquer any problem that lies ahead so I thought I might as well dress to match. If not the companies gonna have a very heavy lawsuit to keep them busy from spreading more lies to stressed out university students.

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