Fall Below Zero


This season is taking no prisoners and holding nothing back when it comes to the frost covered windows and strong, piercing winds more associated with the frozen tundra of Canadian winters. This early into autumn it's safe to say mother nature is making up for the benevolent, sunshine and green pastures that was last years version of a winter wonderland by hitting back with everything its got (It's already starting to snow).

Mix-Matched Over-sized Collared Shirt - Thrifted $8.99

I almost let the unforgiving weather stop me from taking any pictures or leaving my place anytime I didn't really have to for that matter but after reconstructing my blog into something I deemed a bit more tidy, I didn't think it was right to leave it without posting something grand spanking new for the fall season.

I've been itching to take pictures of this over-sized, multi-patterned, patched and textured long sleeved collared shirt that I've had for a few months now but I realized I was waiting for just the right season to do it. I've definitely past that window of time now that mother nature has decided against anything thinner than full-winter regalia and after sacrificing style for comfort that day I'm glad it only takes me a few minutes to get to my place from school.

"Take a Stab" Patch - Tuesday Bassen $11.99

 Frozen fingers and shaky knees aside I'm absolutely in love with the burnt oranges, dark browns and burgundy tones of autumn. There's something fascinating about how they can be grungy or sophisticated depending on each piece. These colours compliment each other in a cool and collected manner while still managing to stand out in a crowd.

"Ugly Girl Gang" Patch - Tuesday Bassen $9.99

Choker - Hot Topic $9.99

Lips - Jeffree Star's Unicorn Blood  $20.99

Beenie - thfkdlf  £17.00
 Leaves - Dingy little corridor $0
Eye shadow - LimeCrime's Venus: The Grunge Palette $34.99
(Wearing  colours Muse & Creation)
Jean Jacket - Thrifted $12.99

Steel-toe Boots - $0 (From Work)

I'll admit the jean jacket can be a bit of a cop out since it goes well with most outfits, but it's making its comeback this season and my cold little tush will take as many layers as it can get since pants seem out of the question (viva la resistance). The patches were ironed-on by me and though I wanted to sew them on to make the look less rubbish, I think the slightly curled edges have a grungy personality to them (Either that or I'm making excuses for being too lazy to find a needle and thread). Along with the steel-toed browns I got from my summer job and black tights I got on sale from good old corporate Wal-mart, I say it all came together quite swimmingly. On that note I wonder how fall is going for people in other parts of the world? Is it the same as always or is winter looming around the corner waiting the sock autumn a couple good ones in the face in what would constitute for a viral Worldstar video? (Winterkeisha nooo! Winterkeisha dooon't! *WAP*) 'Tll next time guys.

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  1. Love the layers! I'm waiting for the UK to get really cold. Actually looking forward to putting on my boots and parka.


    1. Thank you! I wish we could switch weather forcasts, I don't think I'm quite ready to let go of fall just yet though the boots and parka combo sounds quite appealing!

  2. Nice fall outfit! Perfect styles you've incorporated!

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