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 It was one of the hottest days of the year. Well, it was the hottest day I had spent outside all summer and my face was half melted before we even got to the makeshift shooting space that was to be our background for like 10 minutes before we got kicked out. One super effective hack I found was that if you take as many as you can, pray your short and broken tripod won't fall apart, and be really reaally lucky, most of 'em won't turn out like a horribly tipsy toddler has taken them!

 The green house by Allen Road was my fellow model and friend Ashleigh's idea and it was gorgeous for the three blinks I took in of the place before we had to leave. The new impromptu shooting area has to be my some of my new favourite pictures though, it had a lot more space to work with and maybe gave us a little too much creative freedom since we're nuts.

I almost fell doing this pose fyi

Caught her slippin'
Cream Lace Tanktop $6.99 - Salvation Army

Jellie Shoes $24.99 - Little Burgundy
You already know what it is
Shout Out to my tripod for being decent

Tank Top $19.99 -

Ashleigh showing me her fav Pepe Memes
When Hillary subtweets Donald #politcs


Thigh High Socks $9.99 - H&M
I ain't shit
Hair flip or Bust
Creepers (platform shoes) $24.99 :
Artistic freedom 101
Standing on gas a tank: boss move or idiocy?
Lace Shorts $12.99 - H&M

Beaded Frill Backpack $39.99 - Winners
After this we spent like two hours in a closet-sized Tim Horton's going insane over these pictures literally giving life and probably spooking the hell outta customers. Collab with your friends. DO IT. It's so much fun and you get to have proof to show people you can be cool sometimes. Getting to use your creativity and hang out with friends will be just as rewarding as any shiny 'lil lump of metal earned from formal competitions, though those cabbage eating competitions in the U.S. seem pretty amazing, if a little cult-like. Creating stuff on your own is cool of course, but having friends to go buck wild with over the work that you've done together brings good vibes. If that isn't going to get even the most Grinch-hearted of you to crack a smile then I guess you can give the cabbage eating cult the old college try. But really, collaborations it makes for great memories and awesome accomplishments and I plan on stalking every friend I know to do a shoot with me for their own good, just because I care. Aren't I a saint? I think I'm a saint. If I haven't been lurking from your bedroom window to offer an innocent little creative proposition by then, i'll see you next post.

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