Sunset 2 Twilight


Decided to join my mom on one of her daily walks for, y'know some good old fashion girl talk that also may or may not have been partly motivated on hatching my eggs for Pokemon go (I know I'm a horrible child but at least I'm honest). For those of you shaking your heads and wagging disapproving fingers at me, I want to let you know that my mom actually had my phone for a majority of the time . She suggested taking pictures for me for this blog which she has dubbed my "internet photos" which I still think is cute as heck and turns out shes a pretty good photographer and aggressive creative director when she finds a background she likes. It was really nice to spend some time with her since we're both busy this summer with work stuff and can only spare her a quick "hey" before I'm a drooling sleep zombie committing full-on pillow assault.

Choker - Hot Topic $9.99

At first I thought it was going to be awkward as hell, like having a parent walk in on you singing your poor little off-key heart out in the shower to Adele. That's something you do alone, and definitely not when someones listening in and I usually take all my pictures myself, doing embarrassing poses to see if they turn out good enough to post. I guess I realized that when people get pictures taken of them, they usually can't haul their shitty 14 dollar tripod and camera with them wherever they go, so I sucked it up, chilled out and ended up having a lot of fun with it.

Skirt - H&M

"pretend to fix my hair" poses cus im trash

Graphic Tee - Gifted by my Friend 

Glasses - Ardenes $11.99
Shoes/Creepers - Hot Topic $34.99
Mom didn't want me on this box, I told her to I had to do it for the views
Right before they called the cops on me for smelling their property
Cardigan - Urban Planet $11.99 

"Lost as hell" 

this tree scraped the hell outta me
I got dizzy bc I don't exercise 
All in all I 10 of 10 recommend night walks with your mom if y'all are close or even if you arn't maybe a stroll around the block will change that. I managed to have one of the most chill evenings, watching the sunset with my mom and uncover some hidden talents she may have more photography. She went from scolding me for climbing large green electricity boxes to demanding I twirl on one while the sun set for some really dope twilight aesthetics. I also think she had a bit too much faith in my coordination because your girl almost fell off that thing five times and all I had to do was spin in a circle. BUT ANYWAYS, yes, remember to have fun during the summer with friends and work hard to have some dough to spend during the school year but never forget to dedicate some time to the ones who support you most. Alright I'm done being a cheese ball and feeling a bit embarrassed by it so I'll greet you next with something a little less Coldplay and a little more NWA.

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