No Flex Zone


A day filled with Pokemon Go, bubble tea, trap music and Korean cuisine, making it one of the most chill Toronto down times I've had this summer. Capturing the city's graffiti was the mission and though a lot of pictures were taken only a few were able to capture the vivid colours in a way that I liked. The overalls I've fallen for are something I spotted at the end of my bed when I woke up a few days before this shoot. My mom found it while going through old clothes and I'm sure she didn't expect I would love these over-sized faded dungarees as much as I do. Good looking out mom, always got me on that reuse, reduce, recycle flex.

Don't mind me, I've been obsessed with this pose lately because I think it makes me look like a boss when i'm soft as hell like, who am I fooling. Can't deny it looks good in photos though, I gotta do the 6ix art justice and maintain the rep (wow i'm extra). But on a serious note, the walk from Kensington Market to Koreatown was super refreshing I suggest bringing a pal or two, saving a bus token and making the 15 minute journey. 

Crop Top - H&M

Overalls - Bugle Boy

Choker - Hot Topic / Necklace - Inu Inu

Platforms - Vagabond

Backpack - Winners

Woman on the right serving better looks than me 

I don't like how these night shots turned out but the mural is so pretty

*bang bang* wolf gang

I've learned walking around isn't the worst possible thing to do when there's a chance of catching a super dope rare lil Pikachu. Haters can say what they want but I've gotten a lot of exercise from playing this game and after converting into a full fledged bed burrito in college so I can only see the positives from here. I'm too competitive to stop playing now anyway so I might as well have fun with this trend while it lasts.

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