Girl Meets Lot


Roaming around the fairly new underground movie parking lot I knew I definitely wanted to come back for the strange and wonderful pop block art alone. I went to see the new x-men movie and though it didn't leave me with the same starry eyed look I get after a good film as the plot was basically dishwater, the bright colourpop graffiti I stepped into made up for it.

Cap -
My posing was bent and awkward as I continued to attempt what my sister called my "go-to" pose which succeeded in offending me with a statement that is not entirely false but hurt what little amateur model pride I had none the less. I tried to switch it up but staying awake during the snoozefest that was the 50th attempt at a recycled plot line resulted in tiring me the hell out for the day.

Bomber Jacket - 
"Go-to" pose 
Oversized Unisex Tee - On The Run Tour Merch ft. "go-to" pose
Creepers -

Socks -  Soompi Swag Bag

I love this art ft. "go-to" pose & awkward arm
Shades - H&M ft. "go-to" pose

Though i'm glad I got to go out and experience one more box office flop before starting my summer job this week, I wish I had shot more when I had the time and the weather was easy breezy beautiful covergirl. I find myself grinning every time I scroll through this blog so i'll try to be more laid back and keep to the flow of things. Till next time friends, i'll be back soon. Reeeeal soon.

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