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Hey my people, so I just experienced one of the most awesome events I've been to so far this summer, at Toronto KpopCon! Okay, so it's the only event I've been to so far but it was ahmeezing and I got to hang out with so many of my friends, made a lot of new ones and got a lot of freebees so I was in heaven alright? Being surrounded by people obsessed with the same thing as me and getting to turn full dork for two days straight was the most freeing feeling I've had in a long time and really set my summer on the right track.

Shades - H&M
Yesterday was the hottest of the summer (cus I said so) and though I was recovering from my zombie state from jumping around this weekend I went around town with my sister for the day after throwing this outfit together at 8 am. I had her take these in front of Walmart (she suggested I name this post Wally World but I ain't about giving that free promo) where lots of people stared and smiled and some looked mildly pissed that I was on the sidewalk posing so that was fun.

Takoyaki Headband -
I had to take a bit of TKCon with me that day as I was (and still am) suffering from withdrawal, I still have my wristband on and it's getting pretty gross but it's an important reminder so i'm keeping it till it falls off. LOOK AT THIS CUTE ASS HEADBAND I forgot what this food was called when the vendor at TKCon told me and I've been googling every food that starts with "Oni" but haven't found it so if anyone knows please leave a comment and tell me! (Edit: I found the booth again at Anime North Con and the octopus is a Takoyaki!)

Choker - online somewhere lol
I have wanted one of these headbands, which also come as blue and pink melting ice creams, since I wen to Toronto Comic Con a month ago but they're 12 bucks so the scrooge in me couldn't do it. I'm so glad I caved because I forgot how much I love cute stuffed things, they make my heart happy and as you can see, make every outfit 100 times cuter. (Will I ever take this thing off? Find out in my next post!)
Men's dress shirt - Thrifted

Belt - Thrifted
the pants do nothing for my ass i'm sad :(
Creepers - Doc Martins (Agnes Dyne Collection)

watching my follow townspeople peeping the art
Boyfriend Jeans - Jean Machine

Backpack/Purse - Winners

tucking the shirt in over the rips for a more unique look
I kind of love/hate aegyo
Septum Clicker - Adrenaline (get it on amazon tho, it's waay cheaper) 
I'm gonna wear my sleeves like this all the time now sorry not sorry

I got my first bubble tea smoothie since I've come back home from school and it had so much tapioca that I swear I was gonna turn back and ask the employee out. It was SO GOOD on this super hot day I wanted to tip him all the change I had and more but I'm so broke so i'll probably leave a nice review or bring him flowers next time. It was at least 30+ degrees out and I was melting by the time we got back but all in all, t'was quite a kick back day compared to my jam packed weekend of fun. Till next time dudes, dudettes & everyone in between.

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